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Prologue ~ Sigillum Diaboli (In Communication With the Devil) Reviews
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Chapter One ~ Tui Oculi Mihi Cantant (Your Eyes Sing to Me) Reviews
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Chapter Two ~ Post Somnum Profundum, Exsuscito (After a Deep Sleep, I Awaken) Reviews
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Chapter Three ~ Colloquium Inter Pares (A Discussion Between Equals Reviews
Talltree-san: It seems like Draco will have quite the trial on his hands with Harry... and his tart of a girlfriend lol! Yes, Harry is being difficult, and while Draco is enjoying the challenge, he's also not a very good waiter... So, it'll be a better conquest when he finally beds Harry, yes?
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Alright, friends, since I am finding myself busy with RL stuff that has made me have a hard time actually writing for the many WIPs that I have, I am looking for some help from you all.

What I'd like for you all to do, if you're interested, is to post me some challenges for drabbles (between 100-700 words) in any fandom that I write in (HP, GW, WK, HYD, Woo's Rebirth, FY, IY, RK or SM) and any pairing from your fandom choice. All I require is your choice of fandom/pairing and words/sentence/or situation.

Your help, dear friends, would be most appreciated! Thank yo!
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Chapter 1 ~ Lauded Heroes Are For the Birds Review Replies
Chapter 1 Reviews )Chapter 2 ~ The Attack Review Replies
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Chapter 3 ~ Unwelcome Visitors Review replies:
Chapter 3 Reviews )
Chapter Four ~ Silly Disagreements With...
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Chapter Five ~ ...Harry and Draco...
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Chapter Six - Some Aurors Are Rather Stupid
Chapter 6 Reviews )
Chapter Seven - Moronic Death Eaters Are Truly Troubling
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Chapter Eight - All the World Is a Stage Reviews
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Chapter Nine - Actors Must Learn Their Lines Review Replies
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Chapter Ten ~ Mutually Beneficial Allies Review Replies
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Chapter 11 ~ Coming Home? Review Replies
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Chapter 12 ~ Dirty, Scheming Slytherins Reviews
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Chapter 13 ~ Getting to Know You Reviews
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Chapter 14 ~ A Puzzlement Reviews
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Chapter Fifteen ~ A Time for Thought and a Time for Action Reviews
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Chapter Sixteen ~ Home-grown Healers
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Chapter Seventeen ~ Revenge is Spiffy Reviews
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Chapter Eighteen ~ Tick Tock, Tick Tock Reviews
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Chapter Nineteen ~ Scouring the Land Reviews
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Chapter Twenty ~ A Showdown, of Sorts Reviews
Diana: Update soon!  Please tell me you're joking, right?
delia cerrano: I've been dying for someone to tell Ron off forever!  Can't wait to see what Mione has to say to Ron. Yes, there's more to come still. Ron and Harry are going to really going to have to learn to be friends again, as this conversation has really pushed Harry to his limits. Communication is going to by letter for a while. =P
moodysavage: I hope your mom gets better and that real life isn't driving you crazy... or at least not too crazy because life tends to do that. Great chapter! I always do like watching a powerful Harry and Ron needs to stop letting that temper of his rule everything... though I don't see him figuring that out. Thanks so much, moody! Real life is as insane as it ever was, but I'll live, I hope. I do love a powerful!Harry too, and you're right about Ron on both counts. Expect the reconciliation to be a long and difficult process between the Trio.
CareLessLover: Harry is quite pissed. Good job Ron at making Harry an enemey towards yourself. Plus, you just made whatever little doubt Harry had left vanish. Congrates! Yes, Harry's a little ball of ANGRY! Ron's a smart boy, yes? And you're right about Harry not having doubts about wanting distance between himself and Ron for good reason. But, our redheaded friend is always good for that, yes?
unneeded:  i haven't harassed you have i? i hope not.  whiny, naggy readers are a pet peeve of mine, along with crappy spelling/grammar, wall o text and misused words. worse yet, they can even put writers off up dating to spite them which is opposite to what they're after. seriously, who are we to demand a damn thing?!  it's not like you're getting paid for this.  It's great that they love your story and all but seriously people, kindly shut the hell up.  thank you, before you piss the author off to the point that they go and post elsewhere. Ahhhhh, that feels better. Rant Complete.  ^^  oh, arking up all over the place. volatile aren't they.  good thing Cissa is getting good at fielding those. i think i agree with your friend though, to soon and it would have  undermined it some how, robbing it of its force. good grief, ickle ronnikins is completely out of control... i mean, har wasn't exactly the epitome there either, but at least he's not attacking ppls property and carrying on like a complete nutter.  i'm not looking forward to what mio has to say, it's probably going to be extremely painful for her. No, sweetie, I wasn't talking about you! I was talking to the people who sent me a ton of reviews (over on, not DEMANDING that I update. There were three or four in the span of a few hours. I seriously contemplated just deleting the entire story, but doing something like that wouldn't be fair to you and my other loyal readers who wait so patiently. You can also thank Jokes for helping me see that! Thanks for your rant supporting me. It makes me feel better! Yes, Harry and Ron and Draco are just little balls of hate right now! Ron's definitely screwing things up by not at least being patient and waiting for things to be discussed like adults, but Ron's not really known for his maturity half the time, now is he? Harry's very angry, but it's more like angry on behalf of Draco and Hermione than for himself. No, Hermione and Ron aren't going to have a conversation full of sweetness and light. I'm just glad that Draco is seeing her more as a friend than before. ^_^
Seiren: Seems I missed reviewing a chapter last time, so good work on that one. For this one, I totally love when Harry lets his magic out to play. :D Great chapter and I hope home life is better soon for you x Yeah, you did. Ooops? It's okay! Thanks for letting me know you enjoyed it anyway. Yes, I love a powerful!Harry as much as anyone, but I just don't want him to hurt Draco and Hermione in the mean time! Thanks for the well wishes! See you next chapter! ^_^
Demonadine: ooo I am really liking this story! I can hardly wait for more. Why thank you! I'm glad that you're enjoying it and looking forward to more. Thank you for reviewing.
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Title: Sigillum Diaboli
Author: Makoto Sagara
Series: Harry Potter
Archive: the usual suspects; anywhere else, please ask first
Pairing: Draco/Harry (eventual), Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, mention of past Draco/Others
Rating: NC-17 (eventual)
Warnings: Slash, het, ooc, angst, language, humour, AU, supernatural
Summary: Draco is one of the original Fallen Angels. He’s been cast down to Earth and Hell for so long that he no longer remembers his original name. One day, a pretty boy with green eyes catches his attention. Draco must hurry up and possess the boy before he’s married to the wench with the red hair.
Disclaimers: I don’t own Harry Potter and his friends. They belong to a list of people, including the wonderful JKR, Warner Bros, Scholastic Publishing, Raincoat Books, and others. I’m only borrowing them for entertainment purposes.

Author’s Notes: Thanks for all the reviews! Again, thanks to Inky and Sorrel for their help with the Latin, and to Jokes for her handy-dandy beta work!

Chapter Two )

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Chapter 1 - Read All Interesting News Sources

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Chapter Two - Gather All Relevant Information First Review Replies
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Chapter Three - Declare Your Intentions Up Front Reviews
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Chapter Four - Be Serious In Your Intentions Reviews
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Chapter Five ~ Do Not Allow Your Intended to Back Out Reviews
Chapter Five Replies )

Chapter Six ~ Send Only Interesting Gifts Reviews
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Chapter Seven ~ If Needed, Try Something Traditional Reviews
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Chapter Eight ~ Allow Your Intended to Give Something to You Reviews
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Chapter Nine ~ Listen To Your Intended's Needs and Desires Reviews
Chapter Nine Replies )
Chapter Ten ~ Keep Rival Suitors Away Reviews (Author's aside: I LOVED the response I got for this chapter!)
Chapter Ten Replies )
Chapter Eleven ~ Apologize, If You Must Reviews
Chapter Eleven Replies )
Side-step—Removal of Rivals Should Be Swift and Permanent Reviews
Interlude Replies )
Chapter Twelve ~ Enjoy Your Time Together Reviews
tiggator: Well done. Great story! Enjoyed it a  lot!  :)  Thanks for reviewing! I'm glad that you enjoyed it enough to review.
delia cerrano: I am sooo sorry that this was the last chapter.  It was great..begining to end.  Want to see what you come up with next!  I know that it's sad to see this end, but it was a great little thing to work on to break up all the seriousness in Merlin and The End Shall Come. I've already posted the prologue to my new Drarry story. You should check it out.
unneeded: the final chappie. *sniff. ah, but it was such a fun ride.  a wedding, a silenced ginny and hot virgin sex.  what could be better.  so, if it 7 months was fast for a contract to be hammered out... does this mean there are no shot gun wedding equivalents for pure bloods? :P teddy was utterly adorable as usual.  come on, it's har and draco, like they'd have anything less than a strong bond. ^^ thanks for a thoroughly entertaining story and i'll keep my eye out for future offerings. ^^  Thanks, unneeded! *hands you one of Draco's purloined hankies* This was great fun for me to work on. I'm rather sad to see it end, but I always thought it would be about 12 or so chapters and that would be it. I'm just happy that I managed to stay within those bounds. I don't know what could have made it better? The adoption of a child or the beginning of a search for a surrogate? Nope, no shotgun weddings. They can run off and elope, but they're usually disowned. Think of the story Draco told Harry. Yes, Teddy was cute, all without saying a word. I didn't think they would, but that's what Draco wanted to point out to Harry with the golden light. No one else could give our Boy Wonder as strong a bond as Draco can. Thank you for reading and reviewing every chapter faithfully. You have no idea how giddy I was after every chapter was posted to see your review!
Seiren: love that draco n charlie get on so well love gin being bound and silenced for the wedding and love harrys innocent knowledge of sex :) enjoyed this story very much, hope to see more of your work in the future :)  Yes, Draco has found a Weasley that he likes with no strings attached. Well, besides George. But that was a given. Yes, Ginny was kept Silenced and Bound so that she couldn't ruin Harry's wedding. Otherwise, there would have been blood spilt, and I don't think anyone would blame Draco for it. Yes, Harry's lost his "v" card finally, and at least it was with someone who loves him and will worship him, sort of. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it and reviewed so faithfully. Read Merlin, SD and The End Shall Come. I'll be working on those, promise.
blu kat: Loved your story. Especially what with Harry being very reluctant to the attention from Draco. Thanks for the read.  Thanks! I tried to follow the prompt as closely as possible. I'm glad that I got it down. Thank you for reviewing and letting me know that you enjoyed it!
Claudia: I loved every bit of your story, and I'm sad to see it end! Beautifully done  Thank you for reviewing! I enjoyed really writing this and the fact that it took me less than ten months to finish it was amazing. I am a little sad to see it end as well, but there's always room and time to come back to play with the boys again.
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Chapter One ~ Okay, Reality Sucks
Sylvia:  I have only read two chapters and I am utterly hooked! I love it. Excellent and economical use of language, powerful writing style. Reminds me a little of the way JK writes, but with a little more visceral strength. Very, very good.   Glad that you liked it. The story gets more verbose as I go along, but I hope that doesn't take away from the actual story's plot. Thank you for reviewing!

Review Replies )

Chapter Twenty-Eight ~ Waiting for you Reviews
unneeded: sighs at Ron's possey of twats.  they are such useless wastes of space.  V wouldn't care if the mb s and halfbloods were close with har or not when it come to the whole maim, torture, kill thing...except that he might make their deaths a bit extra messy.  they leave hogwarts though, they can pretty much count em selves dead. hopefully the twins can keep them from doing anything further on the moronicus much list.  :p  you so totally pinched my idea.  Still, i KNEW that could come back to bite them.  that pretty much sells sev up sewage creak as well huh.  I hope he doesn't get dead.  he's still useful n such and without him the
greengrass girls are meat.  ya know, all things considered, you'd think a super slyth like luc would appreciate and make use of such an ability rather than deride it.  what happened to using all the tools at your disposal?  a wife with future glimpse would be an extremely valuable tool.  he shouldn't have let his squeamishness get in the way. Yay!  make up sex! they're so cute and ridiculously hot together.  Yeah, Ron and his friends are pretty annoying and stupid. I plan on working on that. You're right about Voldie not caring about who's friends with Harry or their bloodstatus, at least. The twins can only do so much. I think they're going to have to make their move against Ron soon though because I'm getting tired of Ronnie's stupidity. Yes, I admit that I used your idea. It had been hovering in the back of my mind since I faked Narcissa's death, but your idea of how Lucius finds out was too
good to pass up. Yeah, Sev's fucked. There's no nice way around it. But he's not down or out yet. Don't worry about Astoria and Daphne, they'll be okay. Lucius should have seen the value in his wife, and he did up to a point, but he saw Voldemort's victory as more important than his wife and children.  Yes, yes, make up sex. I agree they're stupidly cute and hot together. All's okay. For now.

Seiren: I'm finding myself more and more caught up in storylines and less bothered about the smex scenes. It blasphemy to the genre I think lol. Anyway, this chapter was cute, and I can feel something brewing from the Ron side of things that I think the twins wont be able to stop. I am glad you got the confidence to work with Fred and George, they are great material most of the time, and yay for Fred being alive. in a non fanfic related thing, I passed that one exam (five more to go before I pass the course *_*) and thanks.  Yeah, this story moves around a lot, I know, but the storylines, I hope aren't too distracting. The smex scenes aren't really the focus of the story, and I've tried to be true to the fact that Harry and Draco are lovers, yes, but there are a ton of other things going on around them that can't be ignored for long. It's okay to be captivated by the plot. It means I'm doing a good job, I think. Yeah, Ron's up to something, as usualy, but the twins are going to keep him from fucking with Harry and his group at least. Fred and George.... I was intimidated at first, but after I wrote that letter with them for this story, I found myself warming up to the idea of really USING them as characters in the story. And they've become a lot of fun! (and Yes, Fred's alive!)  Congrats and good luck. School comes first!
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Kain:  Not bad, not bad at all. And while Susan was a bit of her rocker, several members of her family were killed and her psychotic anger while misguided was understandable. And i am not gonna lie, i found myself at some points actually rooting for bones since i have NEVER been fond of the elder Malfoy's or other death eater sympathizers. Draco is the only malfoy i can stand and he was certainly....ahem in character here lol. I also noticed that the Auror's were not getting much love here when while they shouldn't let personal feelings interfere with work their attitude towards the Malfoy's was once again understandable since the whole family kind of comes off as smug, dickish karma houdini's. And while Bones should be judged and punished, it's a bit hypocritical of our "protagonist's" to condemn her to harshly  since quite a few of the POV characters here are not exactly paragons of virtue with squeaky clean pasts. Now this is in no way an attempt to flame you as i actually enjoyed this story. This is simply my viewpoint and it is not my intention to offend you in any way.  I agree that Susan, while obviously disturbed, was perfectly sympathetic. Draco was very much himself in this story. Thank you for the compliment, as it's not such an easy thing to do since I'm going off the farm with him. =P As it were. No, the Aurors weren't getting much love, but can you seriously blame Draco (and Harry too) for the way he feels? Yes, Draco comes from a family of Death Eaters. Yes, he was Marked as a teenager. However, really, he was coerced to do a lot of things that he wouldn't normally do. Coward? Yes. Bully? Yes. Vicious little snot? Hell yes. Killer? No. And he only tortured and attempted to kill Dumbledore because of Voldemort. I agree that the Malfoys do come off as smug and dickish, but that's just they way they are. Sorry. Harry's never claimed to be a perfect little paragon of anything. Draco has never seen the point either. I'm not taking your review as a flame. It's a rational, well-thought out review and I wish that more were like this!
delia cerrano: I had a great time reading this. Thanks!  I had an even better time writing it. It was definitely something new for me. Thank you for reviewing!
Tsuki:  I think ur betas will be crazy for a sequel. And I truly hope u make it. I've already read the 3 stories. And And like everyone in this story, I'm in luv with Rosie, but we need litlle Scorpius and Albus too, don't u think. And poor Lucius needs a grandchild to spoil. Waiting for it.  My beta hasn't actually weighed in on a sequel. She was astonished that I even wanted to write *this* one, because of the stress factor for Set Me Free. I'm considering working on another part to this series, but as there's no real idea forming in my head yet, it might be some time before it comes out. In the mean time (so you don't wait forever), you might want to check out some of my other stories. Thank you for reviewing and I'm glad that you enjoyed the entire series.
unneeded:  oh x 3. I DO hope there's more of these.  they're so much fun.  who would have picked little suesie for a psycho.  though, the sibling sharing a similar form idea was very interesting. hehe, weasley grublet reigns triumphant.  lol, who would have though a weasley toddler would bring dear icy luc down.  that's hilarious. damn, but you write a good fic. i also can't wait for the next one to see how draco and har get round the off spring heir continuance thing.  There has been talk between Jokes and myself about another addition to this series of stories. And, yes, they are fun. Well, Susan got picked because she was rather unlikely as a villain. It was either her or Hannah. Who would have thought of a Hufflepuff as a killer, right? Yes, Rose wins over everyone, even Lucius. Trust me, Lucius isn't happy about that, but it did bring up a very important issue about line continuance. You'll just have to wait, as I haven't come up with anything solid for the next part. I'm working on finishing up the WIPs. (Btw, Jokes has the ending of Wooing in her possession!)
thepurplepanda: This had been added to my all time favorites list. I just love the way this was written.  I would be delighted if this has a  sequel... Since this i the sequel to a sequel, it may be some time before I revisit this world, but I do want to work in it again. Thank you for reviewing and enjoying.
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(I'm a little behind on these, and I apologise profusely!)
LittleLizard: I searched the net, but I couldn´t find a mention of swans eating frogs...most swan species are herbivore and some eat a low percentage of water insects and fish spawn. You didn´t confuse the swan with a stork or a heron? Also I liked Set me free very much and the sequel also, but I am a bit torn about the me it doesn´t really fit the Harry you described in your story. Killing mindlessly, wasting life, eradicating a family(Also because Harry and his mother..we all know that story). Especially because they can´t even eat one of them whole..and water buffalos are pretty dangerous and fast animals..not fat and slow. A single grown water buffalo is hard enough to take down..and there is no american water buffalo. Only an imported asian originated water buffalo or an african buffalo. Water buffalos are very dangerous to inexperienced predators and often enough also kill them. ONly experienced predators in the size range of a tiger or jaguar will take on a buffalo when no easier prey is there. Buffalos will also shield a calf between them and defend each other with their horns. If it had been real life and not fiction, there would have been a big chance for life threatening injuries or even death to the panther and tiger. I know it is fiction and in the end it doesn´t matter  for the story  if there are frog eating swans or  if the cats had eaten a whole buffalo herd or dined on veela virgins or whatever, but sometimes there are storys who trigger a whole thought process in my mind and I can not find rest until it is out. So please don´t see it as ill will or something similiar, rather musings of a restless mind. As I have seen a swan eat a frog, I'm not going to go there. Of course, it was a rather vicious thing, but then again most water fowl are. So, no, I did not have Narcissa's form confused with some other water fowl. Besides, it's Narcissa. She's only going to take the whole animal instinct thing so far. Frog legs she can do. Insects, I think not. The concept of the dining was to bring out the more animal side of their nature, and I think I did that rather well. Harry's form is that of a panther, and once he's into his "predator" mind-set (added to healthy competition with Draco), he's not going to equate animals with humans. Sorry, it just doesn't work that way. And there are water buffalo in America. End of story. Sometimes you have to let the little details go so that you can enjoy the story, but I did do research into the eating habits of the animals I chose. If you have a problem with that, I'm sorry. I'm glad that you enjoyed it otherwise. Thank you for reviewing.
delia cerrano:  Ready for the next sequel.  This one was great fun also. Well, it's done and with Jokes, but since I keep sending her chapters for other stuff, it's slow going. Not to mention that it's nearly 50 pages long. ^_^
unneeded: oh, a good continuation to a great story... sucks being that calf though. :P *wonders off to read the rest of your other stories.  you write really good ones. ^^ i'm guesing the double up was accidental though? Thanks, unneeded! Yeah, that calf wasn't getting out of the hunt gracefully. *blush* Thanks! Yeah, the double up was an accident because is a little slow sometimes. It's fixed now though.
jujukitty:  very nicely done! love draco's bout of nerves at the beginning and mione's fussing. and those two just have such chemistry no matter their form.  one little thing, the text is posted a second time as soon as it ends.  keep up the good work and i look forward to the actual sequal Thank you, juju! Draco's nerves were to be expected, I suppose, considering it's the first date he's having with Harry and he's taking him somewhere unusual. 'Mione's fussing was fun to work with. Yes, Harry and Draco have Muggle chemistry down to an artform. (I know about the double posting. Dumb was slow that day.) The actual sequel is with Jokes now. I'm sure she'd have it back to me if I stopped updating my WiPs in the mean time.
Anna:  I loved this story.  Some how, I ended up reading this part third, but it was just as good. I have to ask, can I borrow this restaurant for an animagus story I was going to write? It's so great!  Hello, fellow Anna! I'm glad that you enjoyed the series and that it's not necessary to read them in order for it to make sense! You are welcome to use the idea of the restaurant, so long as you give credit to me. Animagi need fancy places to eat too, yeah? Thanks for reviewing!
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Chapter Four ~ Vampires, Werewolves, and Shapeshifters, Oh My! Reviews
bibbiesparks: I was wondering what happen to chapters 2&3 because I am sure you were very busy and didn't notice that they were missing.  Thanks for pointing that out! It's been fixed now. And you're right about the busy part! Enjoy!
meg: Love it want more... Working on the next chapter. It might be a while since Gundam Wing isn't my main fandom. Sorry. Thanks for reviewing. Every little bit helps me want to work on the next chapter.
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thrnbrooke: Harry just gave him a reason to live. That was Harry's intention. He loves Draco, but that doesn't mean he wants him to mourn him forever or to do something drastic. Thanks for reviewing, thrnbrooke!
moodysavage: I just bawled my head off over this again. Really well written. Aw, Moody! *hugs* I'm sorry. If it makes you feel any better, I cried while writing it. Thanks for reviewing! Now, catch up on the other stories. ~^
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despairs: Ahh! You just hit on a lot of my favorite things. Harry/Draco, Animagus fics, panthers and tigers (i love all cats, wild and domestic) so i'm very eager to read more of this :D  And on a side note, i'm so happy that you didn't pair Harry up with Ginny at the beginning of the story like so many people tend to do.  Well, I'm happy to see that you liked this, since the darn thing ate my summer. I worked on it for five weeks and I think it came out pretty well. I loved the prompt. And I've never liked the whole Harry/Ginny pairing, so there was no way I was touching it with a ten-foot pole. Hehe.
Qtness.Quill: Awwww, that was very sweet!  And so funny, that the next chapter in the story I'm currently writing, has Narcissa making an appearance and-- her Animagus form is a swan!!  I KNOW that's not cannon.... but isn't it just perfect for her personality?  Great minds think alike! I thought your details were beleivable and endearing to the characters.  Loved the fic.... good job! :) Thanks! I'm glad that you enjoyed it! Narcissa is like a swan, beautiful but with a mean, vicious side under all that beauty. Good to see that the details were believable enough and that you enjoyed the characters. ^_^
ChaosLady:  That was a wonderful, long and well written chapter. Um, that was a one-shot, but not the end of the story. I'm glad that you enjoyed it though!
unneeded:  it's cute and the idea is good but it seems a little unfinished somehow.  will there be more or is this the end?  I left the ending open so that I could play in the world some more. I have a short fic for their first date coming up soon and a longer sequel that I'm working on. it's already longer than this story by about 2k words. Hehe.
heartstar:  Oh I do hope you make a sequil to this I would love to see this working out for them haryy would have a partner and Draco would be able to see his young friends again maybe and they would both be happy  I am working on the second sequel to this right now, and it's much longer than this. Draco gets to see Rose again, don't worry about that!
dagget: That was Super Cute! And very well written, to boot. Such diction! Such eloquence! You're characters were spot-on, very engaging and as well rounded as it can get in a oneshot. The plot flowed smoothly and firmly held the reader's interest without ever getting over-dramatic. You left us wanting more. It's something to be proud of. ^^  Thank you for reading and reviewing! I'm glad that you thought it was so well-rounded for a one-shot. I do plan on some sequels since I left the ending so open. That was the plan. ^_^
alexkdp: please tell me that this is not a oneshot? that would be insane, i can see SO MANY possibilities and such fun with all the smut they could have whilst being in their animagus form! OH! great work. i LOVED it. please write more? *begs* Yes, sorry, this was a one-shot, but I am working on some sequels as well. Are you reading my mind about the Animagus smut? Because if so, you should stop. That's crazy! ~^ I'm glad that you enjoyed it and I should have one of the sequels up soon.
hotflower901: this was wonderful Thank you for reviewing! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
silvertide: Really enjoyed the the story. It was enjoyable and well written. Draco makes me laugh with Rose Thanks! I loved writing the Draco/Rose interactions!
jujukitty: awwwwwwwwwwwww! i loved this! it was so cute and funny and sweet and i loved little rose and i'd love a sequel, or at least a side-bit where maybe draco writes rose a letter thanking her for her friendship or something.  this was so wonderful :D  Thanks! I do so love the fluff. I hope it wasn't too sweet though. I forgot to pack an extra toothbrush! There are sequels in the making. Thanks for the review!
delia cerrano: What an imaginative fun story! Going on to the sequel now. I fell in love with the prompt. What can I say? And it came out a little shorter than I first imagined, but the world is so fun to play in. Thanks for reviewing!
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unneeded: an excellent little story though i didn't recongnise the princess and the pea element till i read over the blurb. if i could fave it i so would. Thank you! I know the reference to it is very vague in the story, truly, but it was more like Once Upon a Mattress that the Princess and the Pea, sadly, with all the humour. The fact that you would fave it is probably more flattering than anything else you could have said!
delia cerrano:   I'm not sure if your "finite" means this was a one chapter story or the end of that chapter. Now that they have found each other I'm not sure where the story would go...arguments over the wedding & honeymoon arrangements or where they will live?  Maybe someone will try to break them up? Probably something I haven't even thought there is a mystery they have to solve. Anyway, if it does continue I will for sure be reading. *giggles* Finite means "the end" in Latin, so it's only a one-shot, sorry. There's not much else to the story, really, unless I tried to expand on the Weasley thing, but bleh. They were pretty icky with the "rumours" running around about them. I'm glad that you enjoyed it!
heartstar:  lol very nice I first thought you were gonna have a whole prince and the pea thing but I love rthe ghost idea better!  Thanks! I wanted it to be different from the fairy tale while still keeping some of the feel of it. Glad you enjoyed it!
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For the last two weeks, I've been fighting with a very annoying case of Writer's Block that's affected all of my stories and left me with a general sense of malaise. So, in order to cheer myself up, I took a page out of[ profile] askerian's book and tallied up my work for the month. I was surprised. There are the results.

September 2012 Stats
Published - 26896 Words in 6 Chapters
Written  - 28097  As of 9:22am 30/09

15985 not in WIP chapters
BSC - (7921)
Merlin17 - (1325)
WtR10 - (292)
The End Shall Come 24 - (000)
PM - (1972) 2045 - 73
DitW04 - (529)

Daily total - 1980-28/09; 175-29/09; 73-30/09

Totals in parentheses are what I started the day off with. Second number is what I ended up with at the time of the tally. Third number is the difference (if there is one). I guess I *have* been writing. =P
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Part 1 ~ Unfaithful Review Replies
Part 1 Reviews )
Part 2 ~ Homeless Review Replies
Part 2 Reviews )
Part 3 ~ Foolish Review Replies
Part 3 Reviews )
Part 4 ~ Hear Me Out Replies
Part 4 Replies )
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Chapter Nine ~ Fireworks Reviews
Dante: Really good story! I lost track of where I read the earlier chapters and was so glad to have found it again.... I'm really glad you've continued it still, since most of the stories I like don't end up finished. The story line here is unique without falling completely out of the Canon Gundam Universe, and the way all the boys interact is realistic enough to see this happening in real life. Keep up the good work! My goodness, I post this on,, my site (, mediaminer and the 1x2_fans community here on LJ! So, it could have been ANYWHERE! *giggles* I alway finish my stories, even if it takes a few years to do it. I'm easily distracted by plunnies, but I do so love working on them! When I came back to writing after a three year hiatus, I wanted to work on something fresh, so I had my friend who's an avid 1x2 fan give me something I could work with. This is what came out of it. I've tried very hard to make it believable while staying entertaining. Luckily, my beta loves this story and she keeps poking me for the new chapters. I hate to tell you this, because it might back you sad, but there is only one more chapter of it and then we'll be done with this universe (for a while, I think). Heero's going to have to make some serious decisions about his life, but then again, so is Duo. Hope to see you around for the next and final chapter!
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About a month ago, I was contacted by a reader requesting to be able to translate my HP fic 'Intervention' into Russian. Of course, flattered, I agreed so long as I got a link! I am happy to say that I now have it!

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