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This can actually be found at my musebox And it's kept up-to-date.
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I was just puttering around on my comptuer when I found many more RPs that involve my time with Sky, Rainy, Mo-chan and Bagelbunion. (I kinda miss Bage, but she has stopped talking to me. *sadface*

Anyway, most of them involve a crazy Quatre or some other way that Q cracked after building and piloting Wing Zero. Or him just being insane. I like that. I love writing a crazy Quatre. Maybe I'll actually look them over and make them work as actual fanfiction. If you're lucky, I might. It'll take a LOT of editing to do it, but I think I'm up for the challenge. Let me know if you want to see them and I'll pull them out to post as fics!
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Well, Mako was bored one day and she poked at Sky (who is back to play for a while! YAY!) and she was in a rut with MA. The fact that MA is so close to ending makes me sad, like the end of GD did, even though it makes me happy b/c I'm getting something FINISHED. Anyway, so Neko was fighting me. Usagi was crying in her corner, like she does. And Pervy-boi, well..... Let's just say that the images in my head are NSFW, to be mild.

Anyhoo..... Sky suggested we RP b/c we hadn't done that in ages and I said why not.... Although I really wanted to play with MA's Solo for some reason. She said okay and found one of her many regular RP'ing characters and so this mess was born. It's sexy and sick and dangerous and makes me not want to be rid of Solo. Neko's determined to keep him around too. So, I might have a 4th muse. Which might not be so bad now that I think about it. It'll give the cat some free time to fuck up my brain some more.

So, without Further ado...

Demon!Solo )

It's not done, but it makes me giggle! Have fun reading!

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