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Title: Outside, Looking In
Author: Makoto Sagara
Series: Naruto
Archive: the usual suspects; anywhere else, please ask first
Category: drabble, angst
Characters/Pairing: Gaara, Hinata, and Temari
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: angst, het, ooc, spoilers
Disclaimers: I don’t own Naruto. No copyright infringement is intended nor is any money made from this piece of fanfiction.
Words: 378
Prompt: Gaara/Hinata: She was so pretty, but he just knew she’d never notice him.
Author’s Note: Yet another of Skeren Dreamera’s Naruto prompts. *purrs*

~ * * * ~

When he first saw her, he hadn’t cared. She was another Leaf ninja, an enemy that he would have gladly crushed to be able to feel anything. She hadn’t even been worth that effort, since she’d been eliminated in the preliminaries of the fake chunin exams that had been held in Konohagakure, by her older cousin who used the same fighting style as she did. No, at the time, Hyuuga Hinata hadn’t registered on Gaara’s radar as anything but fodder, just like the rest of Konoha.

However, after his ascension to Kazekage, he’d had emissaries from the Godaime Hokage, Tsunade-sama. Just such one had come to Sunagakure recently. It had been two years since he’d last seen this group of ninja: the dog-boy, the bug user that had defeated Kankurou pretty soundly, the underdressed sensei that Baki-sensei seemed to completely undress with his eyes, and her.

She was…beautiful now. Long, black hair, ample curves, pale skin, large white eyes that were kept demurely turned down to the ground—these were the things he picked up about her in an instant. And her voice was soft and pleasing, so unlike his sister’s or that of the girls who constantly nattered on about how attractive they found him. Her skin flushed when she spoke, bringing his attention to her high cheekbones and wide eyes.

However, the entire time that her team was in his presence she didn’t look up at him. It was irritating, but just fanned his desire to have her look at him and only him.

As the Konoha ninja left, Temari informed him that she’d been watching him, and the girl, Hinata, as well.

“Gaara, you’re not going to get anywhere with that girl. She’s only had eyes for Uzumaki Naruto, from what I’ve heard, since they were kids.”

He hated Temari when she was right. There was no way, even as Kazekage, that Hyuuga Hinata would notice him, not if she was already in love with Naruto.  Why couldn’t he have had a normal sister that would have encouraged him? Instead, he was forced with one that was always there to point out the nasty, brutal reality.

“Thank you, nee-san,” he said coolly before he went on with his duties. Sunagakure wasn’t going to rule itself.
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