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Title: Proper Breeding
Author: Makoto Sagara
Series: Gundam Wing
Archive: the usual suspects; anywhere else, please ask first
Category: drabble, angst
Rating: hard R
Characters/Pairings: Zechs/Quatre
Warnings: angst, yaoi, language, ooc, Post-EW
Disclaimers: I don’t own Gundam Wing. No money is made from this piece of fanfiction or copyright infringement intended.
Words: 594
Prompt: GW: Zechs/Quatre: He knew the signs of good breeding when he saw them.

Author’s Note: Thank you, Skeren, for yet another list of prompts that my muses won’t leave alone. I’m going to stop asking you one day.

~ * * * ~

Anyone who was anyone knew who Quatre Raberba Winner was. He was a young mover and shaker in the political and business world of the United Earth Sphere Nation. And Zechs Marquise was well acquainted with the boy. In fact, he had more information about the young man than any detective available in the UESN. There were only eight other people in the public’s eye that knew the truth about Mr. Winner. That knew the young man had once been one of the terrorists responsible for ending the Great Colony War.

After the disaster with White Fang had put Milliardo Peacecraft back into the public’s notice, the former prince had gone back to his persona as the Lightning Count, Zechs Marquise, and had joined Lady Une’s paramilitary outfit, the Preventers, and taken a mission to Mars. Unfortunately, so had Lucrezia Noin. The woman just didn’t understand that he had no desire to bed her. They’d been friends for far too long for him to consider her as a beddable companion.

Besides, his tastes ran to the more…masculine, truth be told. And in the two years that Zechs had been away on Mars, young Mr. Winner had definitely outgrown his nearly pixie like looks into a gorgeous, blond Adonis. He wasn’t quite the icy blond that Zechs himself was, but his golden locks and aquamarine eyes had landed him on the cover of nearly every publication on the UESN’s network.

So, when Zechs had requested a transfer back to Earth, Une had been surprised, but pleased. And had put him right where he wanted to be, the Arabian Subcontinent, where WEI had their Earth-based headquarters and the young CEO and president spent most of his time.

Assignments came for the upcoming part that was being thrown at WEI headquarters, and Zechs wasn’t surprised that he was expected to represent the Preventers at the event. He made sure that his uniform was neat, pressed and that every lock of his fine, platinum hair was in place as he headed into the beautiful mansion. He was greeted by his host with a smile that was more than just the polite, but distant smile that the young blond had been giving the rest of his guests, and Zechs couldn’t help but feel that was a sign of victory.

He schmoozed a bit with the other guests, his sister and her new fiancé, Heero Yuy, included. However, he made sure to keep a sharp eye on his prey. After a few hours, he saw the other man disappear into a room and he followed quickly behind him.

No sooner had he closed the door than he was being pushed back against the wall of the study, hands tearing at his clothes while he was being kissed and bitten and frotted against by a frenzied Quatre Winner.

As soon as his brain caught up, he had the other blond against the wall, and his pants around his ankle and a hand wrapped around the smaller man’s erection, stroking slowly and methodically until he was panting and chanting his name under his breath like a wanton whore. Even when he climaxed, his face was only flushed a little bit as perfect teeth bit into plump, pink lips, drawing blood to smother the shout he would have otherwise given.

Without reaching his own satisfaction, Zechs tucked the other blond in with a strained smile before readjusting his own uniform back to his formerly impeccable condition and leaving the room.  It was his turn to be hunted, if Quatre Raberba Winner wanted more.
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