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Title: Sigillum Diaboli
Author: Makoto Sagara
Series: Harry Potter
Archive: the usual suspects; anywhere else, please ask first
Pairing: Draco/Harry (eventual), Harry/Ginny, James/Lily, mention of past Draco/Others
Rating: NC-17 (eventual)
Warnings: Slash, het, ooc, angst, language, humour, AU, supernatural
Summary: Draco is one of the original Fallen Angels. He’s been cast down to Earth and Hell for so long that he no longer remembers his original name. One day, a pretty boy with green eyes catches his attention. Draco must hurry up and possess the boy before he’s married to the wench with the red hair.
Disclaimers: I don’t own Harry Potter and his friends. I’m not JKR. This piece of fanfiction is for entertainment purposes, not profit. All adult situations are between those who can consent.

Author’s Notes: Thanks for all the reviews! Again, thanks to Inky and Sorrel for their help with the Latin, and to Jokes for her handy-dandy beta work! (Yes, this is going to be from Draco’s POV again!)

Chapter Three—Colloquium Inter Pares (A Discussion Between Equals)

Not surprisingly, Severus was easy to find. He has become a creature of habit in the many millennia of our existence. He prefers dark, dank, spacious areas—caves, underground grottoes, leaky dungeons and the like—so that he can perform his experiments. There was a point in time, a very short time, that I assisted him with his hobby. However, when it morphed from an odd interest in what humans would later call Alchemy and Science, and into full-blown experimentation that went beyond even coming out of his holes for the beauty that is a sunny summer’s day, I left him with his human assistants and sought my pleasure elsewhere.

And what pleasures there were to be had…

However, I’ve gone off the track. I found my long-lost companion in a beautiful underground grotto, outside of somewhere in the cave system in the hillside of Kentucky, of the United States. Evidently, my old friend found the natural beauty was a perfect counter-balance to his unnatural experiments. He had a few slave/assistants running around, trying to keep all of his delicate and expensive equipment in order. I watched for a while as he moved in his long black leather duster that barely protected the black silk shirt and black linen pants he wore. His sense of style might have been what humans found as “bad-boy chic”, but ever since The Fall, Severus’s fashion sense has not changed.

Although, upon closer inspection, I could see that his normally lank black hair had been washed recently and brushed until it shone. When he turned to talk to one of the women down there with him, I could finally see what they found so attractive about my friend. He was every inch the dark, brooding prince, destined to remain forever trapped by his obsession with science. And his normally sallow, hook-nosed face was alight with the blush of happiness. While Severus was never my ideal bed partner, I could feel a stirring in me that only my delicious Harry had managed in ever so long.

“Draco,” Severus said in his cool, deep voice that moved over my skin like the softest of velvets. “To what do I owe the honour of your appearance?”

I gave him a slow, seductive smile that made his little humans titter behind their hands before a glare from Severus’s dark eyes had them scrambling back to whatever they were supposed to be doing. He turned to me with annoyed look and a raised eyebrow that I knew was demanding that I answer him. “I require your…advice,” I said slowly, trying to swallow the foul taste that had risen from my gullet.

“What is it this time, Draco? A beautiful nymph that belongs to the fashion world that you wish to spirit away? A handsome boy that it too tightly bound to his studies to mind you? Or is it another priest? You know how the Catholics hate it when you interfere with their clergy.”

I sighed, ignoring the faint heat that I could feel on my face. “Am I really that predictable?” I asked, pained that I was indeed so shallow.

“My old friend, really,” Severus said softly, wrapping a long arm around my slightly higher shoulders, “I’m not sure why you are so worried about this. You’re a creature of habit, as much as I am. I like the dark and to learn. You like pretty pets that you can corrupt and then dispose of. It has been the same way with us, and those of our kind, since we fell. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you.”

I smothered another sigh and sank down onto a rock in the cave, staring out at the underground lake as random rays of sunlight struck its surface and made the entire area shine like a shrine to some earth god. “I always thought myself as ever-changing.”

“Mercurial as your temper may be, that does not mean that you are always evolving, Draco,” Severus said snidely, forcing me to glare up at him. “We were made with one thing in mind. The fact that we have been cast down by His Self-Righteousness does not change our original purpose. You remain ever the same, much as it pains you to admit. It is that fact that has kept you so bloody obnoxious over the last century or two.”

“And you are so much better, Severus?” I snapped, glaring at him as I felt the overwhelming desire to throttle him, little good it would do. “You’ve buried yourself down into this hole in the ground with your runaway children of the rich to fund your obsession with proving His Self-Righteousness wrong in that he should be the Overseer of us all!”

“I am doing something with my existence,” he snarled, black eyes boring holes into my face. “Unlike the rest of our wastrel kind, I am attempting to benefit humanity in my own way as best I can.”

“Oh, while not missing out on the more carnal side of our relationship with them, no doubt,” I shot back, my temper flaring most disgracefully. Later, I would feel bad. Now, I would rant.

“Don’t be absurd! Why should I deny myself that one pleasure that humans can most definitely provide me when it is so obvious that they prefer to be my lovers than to be with their own kind? Why should I let myself languish away in solitude when I could find pleasure with an occasional pretty woman?”

“And how many half-breed bastards do you have running around, Severus? Last count was fifty, but I could have missed four or five in the last decade.”

I knew that I had gone too far when Severus drew himself to his full height and told the humans that they needed to vacate the grotto immediately. I wanted to take back what I’d said, but I was so tired of playing nice around the others of my kind and being without what I really wanted that a fight with Severus was probably unavoidable.

“Draco, we have been friends for a very long time,” Severus said in a quiet icy voice that set my teeth on edge. “That is why I am going to say this once, instead of trying to eviscerate you. My offspring are off-limits to you and the rest of our kind. Should you bring them up in any form or fashion, I will cease all forms of communication before I use you for my experiments. Are we clear?”

I knew he was serious, and since I couldn’t die, I was the perfect lab rat for an angry, demonic scientist of his calibre. “Crystal,” I said through clenched teeth.

“Good,” he replied as he sat down next to me. “Now, tell me why you have come here. I shall leave off all of my comments until you are done.”

I cut my eyes to stare at my friend’s unusually kind appearing face and felt reassured. Even if I didn’t like what he had to say about this all, he would be impartial and helpful. And considering that my only other choice was to go to Bellatrix and Regulus, Severus was definitely the lesser of two evils.


“I see,” Severus said as he tapped one long-fingered hand against his mouth after I’d told him the whole of my interactions with Harry Potter and his family. “So, you wish to possess the boy’s body, am I right?”

“Not entirely, Severus,” I said tiredly. I knew that I would soon have to go back to England and check up on my darling new human, but I couldn’t leave without a good idea of how to next approach him. It had to be perfect, or else I would have to give up my plans to have him at my side. And that was not an option. “Yes, I wish to introduce him to the highest of carnal delights, but there is more to it than just that.”

“That would be a first,” I heard him mutter under his breath. “And you are absolutely sure that this girl of his is out only for his money?”

“I have spent no amount of time following the girl when I could spend more time observing Harry. It is believed by most of the people around the young couple, even her own older brother and Harry’s parents.”

Severus sighed and closed his eyes in deepest contemplation. “And what are you impressions of the others around him?”

“His friends are extremely loyal, his parents doting, and his godfather is excessively fond.”

“So, the boy is universally loved?”

“From what I could ascertain, yes,” I answered, pondering the way that Severus phrased it. “No, I believe he is not. There is a brother of the girl that seems to think that Harry isn’t good enough for his sister. Percival is his name, I believe.”

“What a pompous, ridiculous name,” Severus said with a sneer.

“It is fitting. The brother is the most pompous, self-important creature I’ve met in a long while.” He raised an eyebrow at me, but said nothing. I did not flush in embarrassment. “He makes me appear utterly humble, almost Christ-like.”

“I find that hard to believe,” Severus said. “And if it is true, then I hope that I should never lay eyes on him.”

“This is not helping me, Severus,” I snarled. “How do I win over my selected human this time? I do not think that any of my usual tricks will suffice.”

“No, I think not, Draco,” he responded calmly. I wanted to put my fist through his teeth, but considering I had come to him for help, I didn’t have a right to dictate how he would give it. “You must give him space. Observe the girl some more, on her own if you can. Find out what he really enjoys. Do not crowd him.”

“You mean that I should woo him like some stupid courtier with a princess?” I asked. “He is far more than that.”

“No, no, I am not suggesting empty platitudes and meaningless gifts. I mean you must treat him as more than just a play toy for your enjoyment. You must—as much as this pains me to say to anyone—shower him with respect, even if it means you treat his tart like she is a queen. At this point, she is his queen and anyone who stands against her is to be ignored or cut off completely.”

“So, I should show myself to his friends and win them over slowly, while showing Harry that he is worth more than just his Barclay’s account?”

“That is one way, Draco,” Severus said wearily. “If it becomes dire, I’m sure that Bellatrix would gladly take out the little paramour, but I would not want to pay her price.”

“No, nor would I,” I said after few minutes of silent contemplation. “That is why I came to you first. Bella and Regulus’s assistance comes with too high a fee.”

“Is there something else that you needed?”

“Can’t a guy come and enjoy the company of his dearest and oldest friend?”

“You? Hardly,” was his reply before he began telling me all about his newest experiments. I understood perhaps a tenth of what he was talking about, but it had to do with a human disease called cancer and some of the more volatile of its treatments.


Just as my discussion with Severus was winding down, I could feel Harry thinking about me. Even though I knew that I would follow Severus’s advice and give my soon-to-be lover the space he required, it didn’t mean that I was going to ignore him completely.

“Go,” Severus said, standing up from his reclining position on a messy California king-sized bed he’d summoned from nowhere. “However, do not let a decade pass before you and I see one another next time, Draco.”

“Yes, you’re right,” I responded, placing a kiss to my oldest friend’s cheek before willing myself back to Harry’s home. It was time to see how he was faring and when it would be acceptable to show myself to him again.


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