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Title: To Love Outside the Clan
Author: Makoto Sagara
Series: Naruto
Archive: the usual suspects; anywhere else, please ask first
Category: drabble, yuri, angst
Rating: PG
Characters/Pairings: Kushina/Mikoto, Minato
Warnings: angst, yuri, language, ooc
Disclaimers: I don’t own Naruto. No money is made from this piece of fanfiction or copyright infringement intended.
Words: 246
Prompt: Kushina/Mikoto- She was pretty sure the woman simply didn’t get that she hung around with Minato for -her-.

Author’s Note: Thank you, Skeren, for yet another list of prompts that my muses won’t leave alone. I’m going to stop asking you one day.

~ * * * ~

Uzumaki Kushina hadn’t always been an important person in Uchiha Mikoto’s life. No, in fact, she’d barely paid attention to her when they were in the academy. It wasn’t until Namikaze Minato had saved the other girl that Mikoto even paid attention to the Uzumaki heiress.

She was…pretty enough, Mikoto would admit reluctantly later. Cheerful, bubbly, optimistic, Uzumaki was nearly everything that she wasn’t. It wasn’t hard to see why the serious, hard-working Minato had fallen in love with her. What Mikoto hadn’t expected was that she would like, respect, and eventually love Uzumaki Kushina as well.

Even after being married to Uchiha Fugaku and giving birth to her first born, Itachi, Mikoto maintained a friendship with Minato and Kushina that lasted through Minato’s time as the leader of his own team—Nohara Rin-chan, Hatake Kakashi-kun, and her own cousin, Uchiha Obito—the death of Obito, and his appointment as Yondaime Hokage. Never once did she let the other woman know what she felt for her. And she was pretty sure that Kushina never caught on to the fact that she hung around with Minato—old genin teammate or no—for her sake.

When she’d found out about the untimely death of the only person she truly loved aside from her two sons, Mikoto closed off her heart, vowing to never again leave herself vulnerable to anyone outside of the clan. Let Jiraiya-sama or the Sandaime take responsibility for the reminder of what Mikoto had lost.

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