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Prologue ~ Sigillum Diaboli (In Communication With the Devil) Reviews
addiena saffir:   oh I like him.  This looks like a plot bunny that will grow to Godzilla size if fed feed the plot bunny as I am doing my part in reviewing.  Um, it's already grown to that size in my head. But you're right that reviews will get you more chapters as it will make me work faster.
unneeded: interesting.  i look forward to finding out what har did to draw demonically ex angle eyes. Well, you see, Harry is pretty. Draco is drawn to the pretty, but you'll get to see it eventually. Thanks for reviewing!
Talltree-san: Oh I'm liking this already! Can't wait for the next update :)  Thank you! Thanks for reviewing. Working on the next chapter now!
Chapter One ~ Tui Oculi Mihi Cantant (Your Eyes Sing to Me) Reviews
Talltree-san: Yay another chappie! Thanking you lots! Also almost ain't nothing worst than a golddigger, it's good though that even Ron knows what Ginny is really like... A TOTAL SLUT DX !  Thanks for reviewing again! Ginny does come off rather badly in this, yes? But it's not what everyone assumes. But, Ron's right that she and Harry are a bad match.
delia cerrano: Ok.  You've got me hooked! On with the story... Working on the next chapter now, Delia! Thanks for reviewing!
unneeded:  sounds like har is going from one complicated relationship to another... that is, if draco can convince him.  har may not be that easy.  still, i doubt draco will give up and since he'll likely focus all of his attention on har, he's already off to better start than little gin gin is. :P  lol, you really do hate gins don't you. Yes, well, in Harry's mind, he's not going from one to another. He's only interested in being with Ginny. Draco has yet to say anything that will sway him, and he's going to be resistant to anything anyone says against Ginny. And no, Draco is NOT giving up on Harry. He wants Harry. And yes, he's off to a better start than Ginny is. No, I don't hate her. I just don't like her with Harry. It's not my fault she comes out so badly. I will try to fix her a bit. I swear!
Chapter Two ~ Post Somnum Profundum, Exsuscito (After a Deep Sleep, I Awaken) Reviews
delia cerrano: But I want Harry & Devil Draco to talk & get into it with each other! Don't stop now.  No, no, Draco knows that he needs to back off and give Harry time to adjust. Of course, he'll be coming back for Harry. Make no mistake of that.
unneeded: hmmm,that went about as well as could be expected for introducing your basic, thinks he's straight ordinary guy to a blatantly sexually interested magical?  extra terrestrial? being. i am curious to see what he has in mind for our slutty little ginger gold digger though and it seems he has two allies on hand already. it'll also be fun watching him have to work to bring har around.  good thing he likes a challenge. :/ Yeah, that went well, considering. Harry's in denial. Draco's determined. Lily and James are fighting. And, Draco's not an extraterrestrial in the strictest sense, but you're right. Draco has more than just Harry's parents, Remus and Tonks. We've only seen what Ron thinks about his sister, but what about Hermione and the twins? Don't think they're going to stay silent as things progress. Yes, Draco loves a challenge, so Harry's perfect!
Talltree-san: Aw yeah can't wait for the next chappie! I wonder if Harry is just going out with Ginny to try and prove to himself that he is straight? Of course I could be totally wrong but there is one guess at the situation :) Thanks for reviewing! No, Harry isn't dating Ginny to prove to himself that he's straight. For all intents and purposes, he loves her and doesn't want to believe all the bad things everyone's saying about her, even though there are a LOT of naysayers.
Chapter Three ~ Colloquium Inter Pares (A Discussion Between Equals Reviews
Talltree-san: It seems like Draco will have quite the trial on his hands with Harry... and his tart of a girlfriend lol! Yes, Harry is being difficult, and while Draco is enjoying the challenge, he's also not a very good waiter... So, it'll be a better conquest when he finally beds Harry, yes?

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